person lying on gray sofa
person lying on gray sofa
Sick? Appointment? Personal Business? Having a baby?

Take the time off that you have earned. Here is how!

Know your contract: Taking time off.

Sick happens. Family happens. Crisis happens.

Remember: It is not your job to worry about substitute teachers!

So, how and when can I take time off to deal with what, “happens”?

Sick Leave:

10 days annually, used for self or family members when sick or for medical appointments.

Unused days carry over (up to 75).

“Mental Health Days”: Mental health = physical health, but be wise. Stay home, relax, care for yourself. Don’t go shopping, to the beach, to the bar...just like when you are physically ill.

Enter your request into WillSub by 6:30 a.m. (In an emergency, contact your building principal or secretary.)

You may use up to 12 hours of sick time in 1-hour increments. The rest you must use in ½-day increments morning or afternoon; each building has a set time to divide the day.

No proof needed, administrators should not ask, unless you have a pattern of absences or create doubt (watch your social media!) 

If you run out of sick days due to special circumstances, you may request donation of days from other members. The form to request donated days is available in the business office. You do NOT need to find your own donors. (New members: don’t hesitate to ask. Many of us have unused days every year that can’t be carried over because of the 60-day cap.)

Personal Leave:

4 days annually, for pressing business only. Unused days (up to 2) will be added to your Medical Leave bank.

  • Not allowed the day before or after a break in the calendar without administrator approval.

  • No more than 2 days used consecutively without administrator approval.

  • If you have special circumstances requiring more than 4 Personal Leave days in one school year, and you have had Personal Leave days added to your sick bank in the past, you may apply to the Superintendent to have 1 or more of those days restored as Personal Leave.

Use Will-Sub at least 2 days prior to absence (emergency: contact building principal)

Must use in 1-hour increments.

Funeral Leave:

Approved by building principal: every situation is different. The contract guarantees:

Up to 3 days for close family members (see contract p. 9, Article 17 for list)

Additional days can be granted by the superintendent.

Definition of “close family member” can be expanded by the building principal or superintendent.

Your building rep can go with you, edit an email request, or speak on your behalf if you prefer.

Maternity Leave:

Guaranteed up to 6 weeks leave without change of teaching assignment, up to 12 if there are medical complications for mother or child. 

May use Medical Leave to continue pay (mothers, up to 60 calendar days; fathers, 5 days except in special circumstances approved by the superintendent).

If you will run out of sick days or don’t want to use them all, see the HR office (Tonia Fenn).                

Donated sick days for maternity leave are limited by past practice to 5 per career, not per pregnancy.

May use short-term disability after sick leave is depleted, if you have paid for the policy.

Notify your building principal at a reasonable time, considering:

  •      Your personal privacy

  •      Your desire for the district to find a qualified long-term sub  

  •      The time you need to plan, with HR, for the best use of your benefits   

  • A minimum of 30 days notice, whenever possible.                  

What if I am out of days? 

Long-term Disability benefits (part of your benefit plan, paid by the district):

Starts at 30 days off work, or when sick leave runs out, whichever is later.

Pays ⅔ of your salary (not including stipends or schedule B)

District continues paying your benefits package (health insurance, etc.) for up to 2 years.

Short-term Disability benefits (optional policy, open enrollment the 1st of each month, 90 days BEFORE a qualifying event)

Begins at 8 days off work, or when sick leave runs out, whichever is later.

Payout is a set amount depending on your salary range, but around ⅔ of your salary.

No payout during summer vacation (because you are not taking any days off)

Reduced by any SSI or workman’s compensation benefits.

Ends when long-term disability begins.

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Guarantees you cannot be fired, demoted, or disciplined for medical leave or to care for a family member, up to 12 weeks.

     -Re-assigned to a different but “equal” position is not discipline or demotion.

     -FMLA absences must not be counted when administrators are doing evaluations (though attendance is only 2.5% of your eval).

Must have been employed by the district for 12 months prior to your leave request.

Must be certified by a doctor, but your reasons do not need to be shared with the district.

Absences can be consecutive or sporadic (i.e. multiple appointments for a chronic condition)

You may use your Medical Leave while on FMLA or take unpaid leave.

All building reps and the district HR officer have packets of information on FMLA.