white ceramic mug with coffee on top of a planner
white ceramic mug with coffee on top of a planner

Help! How do I respond if…

     I am being recruited for more responsibility?

     I think I should be paid for something I did?

Let’s tackle some possible responses to being asked to take on another task. First, decide if you want to be involved and if you can devote the time needed. Most of us either say “yes” to too many things, or say “no” to almost everything, but the ideal balance is somewhere between those two extremes.


  -“Sure! Thanks for asking!”

     -“I am really interested, but would like time to think about it.”

     -“Could you please clarify the expectations, resources, and compensation in writing?”

     -“I will help for ___ days/months/years.”

     -“In order to have enough time for this, what contribution I am currently making can you delegate to someone else?”

     -“I don’t believe this request is equivalent to what is asked of others in my building.”

     -“I understand what you are asking, and I will gladly respond after I have a few days to process this.”

   -“No, thank you, but if I change my mind I will let you know.”

Maybe you have already agreed to go beyond your contractual obligations. Should you be compensated for the work you are doing? Of course, every career has some who work longer or harder than others, and your ability to do that will change based on your personal and family situation. Still, if you should be making extra money, don’t miss out!

But will I get paid?

Your time is valuable!

Don't feel guilty if your answer depends on whether or not you get paid. We all have to weigh our priorities, and money is one of those.

Here is how to start:

  1. Check the contract, including Schedule B.

  2. Ask your building representative or principal, "Will I be compensated for this financially?"

  3. If you have prior experience that should entitle you to a higher rate/step than the contract minimum, check with your building representative and/or principal.

  4. Make sure you get a contract from the business office, and that you sign and return it. This might take a few weeks, but you should have the offer in writing before you get too involved!