Attend an AEA Board Meeting: observe, comment, consider getting involved. The board meets the 3rd Monday of each month at DLPMS. The agenda includes:

Public comment

Approval of last month’s minutes

Treasurer’s report

President’s report, including updates from leadership chats and school board meetings

Building reports

Regional Assembly report

Do you have an idea you would like the AEA to consider? Or a plan that would help the district? Speaking up can be daunting, but your AEA building rep can help. Start by describing your thoughts to him/her. Ask, “Where do I take this next?” Your rep will help you know when and how to use your voice.

Meet your Building Representatives!

Kari Bell has been involved in APS for 18 years. She has taught Music K-5, Art K-1, Kindergarten PE, 1st grade, and currently teaches Kindergarten. She has one son in college, 2 cats, and a dog. This is her first year being the AEA Representative at Luce Rd. ECLC. She is involved in the union because teachers need a collective voice and believes in working together to solve problems.


Jen Ferguson, Pine Avenue Representative


Ashlee Clark

Brandee West has been on the AEA board since April of 2019, serving as a Building representative at the middle school. She has been here at Alma Public Schools since fall of 2016 and teaches 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts. Prior to coming to Alma, she taught in Ashley Schools for 15 years and served as the union president there for a couple years. Brandee has been married for 19 years and has two boys ages 16 and 12. She also coaches 8th grade girls basketball at DLPMS and softball at Alma College. She loves being in the Alma school district and is happy to help students and colleagues be their best.


Chris Sandro is one of two High School Building Representatives. Chris and his wife Jill both work at Alma Public Schools, and when Chris is not counseling students or parenting his own children, he can be found at a variety of local sporting events. Chris has also served as a contract negotiator for several years.


Kristina Eggenberger is not only a recipient of the Michigan Teacher of the Year award for Social Studies, she is your second High School Building Representative. Kristina has a long history of being involved with the AEA, including a tenure as the president of the association. She is married to Ben, and the mother of two successful young women and a lovable fur-baby named Indi.


Jennie Wickes

Jill Johnstonis one of the Hillcrest Elementary building representatives. This is her second year as a representative, but she has been a member of the AEA since she was hired by Alma Public Schools in 2011. She is a Title I teacher, and is passionate about helping all students learn to read. Jill is married and has two children in the district. She loves to travel with her family and can often be found sitting on her deck with a good book. She is excited to learn in this new position and to serve as a voice for her colleagues.

Meet the AEA Executive Board!

Beth Campbell has been the AEA president since April of 2018. She teaches High School Spanish and Art History, though she was primarily an English teacher for her first 16 years and Drama teacher for 20 years at Alma. Beth is married and has two adult sons, and two “bonus” daughters who love them. In January 2020, she became a grandmother. She loves her role as president because she believes teachers deserve the best. Also, she is bossy and argumentative. 


Emily Terres is the Vice President, Membership Coordinator, and Grievance Chair of the AEA. Prior to this role, she was the Pine Avenue representative for six years. She teaches Elementary PE to all 1st, 4th, and 5th graders in the district. This is Emily's 11th year teaching at Alma Public Schools. Before that, she taught 10 years of Middle School PE in Bonita Springs, Florida and Hamilton, Montana. Emily is married and has two sons in the district. She loves to go camping, visit new places, and spend time with family and friends. Usually her vacations include kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and biking.


Kristina Eggenberger is filling the dual roles of High School Building representative and AEA Secretary. You can access her information in the above section.

Kelly Stewart is in her fifth year in the treasurer AEA position. She teaches High School Mathematics and Health and will be starting her ninth year at AHS. Kelly and her husband Trevor have a son, Taysom, who will be turning three this coming January. He is the light of her life and brings so much joy to those around him. 


Louis Holliday is an Alma High School Social Studies teacher. Lou has been in the district since 1998. He started in the district at the former Alma Adult and Alternative High School (Republic). He became involved in the union his first year and was the Building Representative, then Treasurer, until he was elected to the Coordinating Council and Representative Assembly where he was not only the MEA State Representative and the National Representative for the NEA, but was elected as the Regional Council President in 2021 as well. Lou lives in Shepherd and has 4 children (two boys, two girls), and one grandson. Lou enjoys camping throughout Michigan, and you can often find him hammocking in local areas often taking selfies with his grandson.